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2011. 11. 28. 18:05 CAL/Events/행사

EGO Annual Fall 2011 Showcase!/events/262874310427422/

The time has come. It's our pleasure to present our semi-annual performance for Fall 2011!
Please RSVP here so we can anticipate an accurate number of audience.
EGO is Cal's Korean Traditional Percussion Group. Our mission is to share the joy and beauty of Korean percussion P’ungmul as we spread awareness of the Korean culture throughout Berkeley campus and the Bay Area. EGO was initially found by a group of friends in 2000. Now more than a decade old, EGO has flourished into a prominent group that lives to share the excitement of Korean percussion music, as well as the deep traditional Korean culture and history that lies behind each beat and rhythm.
We have prepared an exciting program! Many of EGO members have worked on their own individual subgroups with group leaders throughout the semester. Members and friends, please come out and show your support! :)
Seniors who are graduating this semester are working on their own creative fusion piece with orchestral instruments. It will be interesting to check this one out for sure.

As always, DeCal students will be performing as the climax of their class. They have worked very hard on their skills as a first-timer throughout the semester. If you are a friend of one of them, please come join us and cheer for your friend! :)
Admission is free; however, we would like to remind you that our club is purely funded by what we gain through our performances, and we would highly appreciate any donation! :) (A suggested donation of $5)

The show will start on time 7:10 sharp. PLEASE BE ON TIME.
There will be after party as usual. However, there will be an entrance fee, and due to its high popularity, we are giving priority to those of who actually attend the performance. If you want to join us for the after party, please do not forget to buy presale ticket during the intermission. If all the tickets were sold out, no exceptions. Also, you really do not want to miss this.

Please spread the word about our showcase! :)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Stella Kim (Public Relations):
Yeji Lee (External President):
Jeewon Kim (Internal President):
Hee-jong Jang (External Vice President):
See you guys at the Showcase!

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