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2016. 5. 3. 16:56 ABOUT/Membership

Berkeley Opinion 2016 Spring "English Editorial"

김릴리 [영어 칼럼 부서장]

1993.4.4  Psychology 

Having been a part of BerkOp for three years now, I can truly call it family. 

When I first joined, I didn’t think that I would become so attached to it.

 I was able to grow not only as a writer but also as a person through my experiences with BerkOp. 

I am sad to leave, but I will always cherish the many memories I have made with the people here. 

Thank you, Berkeley Opinion! <3

한재선 [영어 칼럼 편집장]

1994.9.17   Microbial Biology

Berkeley Opinion has been with me for quite some time now and has made 

my time at UC Berkeley much more enriching and worthwhile. 

I’ve stressed and smiled through so much of it.

 With college comes a lot of stress and anxiety, which can be physically exhausting.

 You’d think that being a part of a club like BerkOp would simply add to the stress, 

but the great memories I’ve made with supportive and loving people of this organization definitely outweigh.

고동석 [영어칼럼니스트]

1996.2.15  Haas

Ever since writing my first editorial on People's Park, I have developed new perspectives on how to approach different issues. It's been a rewarding 2 years!

이지수 [영어칼럼니스트]

1995.7.13  English

Through writing, editing and publishing together and through meetings and hangouts 

BerkOp let me meet some of the coolest people :)

강우진 [영어칼럼니스트]

1995.9.23  Pre - Haas

When I first joined this club my freshman year, I met so many great people and was able to learn so much from them.

 I was also able to develop my skills as a writer. 

Berkeley Opinion gave me an experience I am truly grateful for.

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