Gestaltzerfall and Paranoia

Posted by QT
2019. 4. 18. 20:30 EDITORIAL/문화 & 예술 :: Culture & Art

Gestaltzerfall and Paranoia

perhaps we aren’t as smart

as we thought and


homo sapiens

aren’t the only

intelligent species

aliens exist?

what if

the earth isn’t


and there


no planets

no sun

no Saturn

no Venus

no moon

just Earth

what if we’re living in a colossal terrarium

what if that bright light is just a massive solar panel

and our naivety led us to label it as

the “sun”

what if the Apollo 11 mission wasn’t

a moon landing mission

but a war mission

carried out by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

to kill

the alien race?

but it failed


if not, then why have we stopped sending people into space?

now we just send drones into space

almost as if

as if

the drones contained a tribute

from us to the aliens

to please them

and prevent them from

exterminating us


there is a Big Brother

not the government,

but the



life is not as we know it


are we

for rashly marking the

beginning of our


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