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2011. 4. 7. 17:13 CAL/Events/행사

We have our 8th General Meeting this Friday :)

04/08 Friday
7:00pm - 9:00pm & DP
166 Barrows

The topic of this week's hakseup is International Marriage in Korea and how it affects our society. 

For DP, we are having Cocktail Soju/막걸리 night!  Yummy :)
04/08 Friday 9pm
Members: $7, Non-members: $10

Important Dates:

4/15 - candidate nomination for next semester's executive staff (only eligible for members)
4/17 - POY
4/22 - Executive staff election
4/29 - 쫑파티!

Lastly, following the majority who voted in the poll few weeks ago regarding the senator endorsement, CKS is endorsing Taylor Gyu Chang Cho for senator.

Thank you guys and I hope to see you at 7PM SHARP! Please don't be late~

P.S. We are still collecting membership fees (Returning members: $10, New members: $20)


P.P.S. KGSA is having an event on 4/8 in Eshleman Hall at 4:30pm.  For more information:


Josie Park
Public Relations
Committee for Korea Studies

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