Maps that lead to YOU

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2014. 10. 5. 19:56 EDITORIAL/문화 & 예술 :: Culture & Art

“Maps that lead to YOU”


There are really two types of people in this world: people that we’ve already met, and people that we’ll meet in the future. But amongst the people we’ve met in the past, we unconsciously categorize them to decide whether to continue building relationships with them, or throw them away at our own disposal. By putting people into their appertained strata, we rank them based on their usefulness in our lives; we establish their worth and see if they are useful to us – whether they will be helpful in our lives in the near future. Why do we do this? Why can’t we just like everyone and be a happy Mr. Bean?

            The answer is simple: we live in an unfair world. The simplest governing policy of our society, law, is not capable of equitability. In the author’s definition, law is not just – it is simply a legal restriction on human morality. For example, in Les Misérables, Jean Valjean steals a piece of bread to escape from starvation, and literally gets punished his whole life for that one single act. Readers often wonder: Why is the world, even in reality, so brutal? The pundits will reply with cinch – “to keep the world in order”.

            Understandably, law is needed to govern society – but in a retrospective sense, that is what pulls away from each other. When law is not fair, our world will never be fair. And because we live in a confiscated universe, we ought to bring out the best in our relationships with others; there is no time for us to waste by building relationships with people who are useless in our lives. Ultimately, this leads us to choose which people to build relationships with. Sometimes, you might just not like a person because of his or her personality, but sometimes, you rate his or her value upon your own benefit. So, I ask the readers this: What is the main aspect of people that you should look into? Is it their worth, personality, physical attractiveness, intelligence, or something else?

            The answer is actually closer than we think. We shouldn’t be looking for the answer in the people that we meet – the answer lies in you. It’s not their personalities or possible benefits that we should judge upon. All that matters is your genuine response when you are with them. When you don’t have to “be someone else”, those people are the ones that you want to get close with, build relationships, and form bonds.

            We are innately not selfish. However, we are grown to be selfish through the environment that we live in. We look for our own gains and become someone else in order to gain benefits from others; we act in certain ways in front of certain people in order to be favored. In a Realist’s world, the main goal is to survive by exerting power over others. However, in a Liberalist’s world, we ought to cooperate together and work our ways through partnership. Despite the different views of the world, the main goal as we live is survival.

            We build false relationships so that we can advance and survive in society. That’s the dirty fact that nobody wants to discuss or even admit. Some people do this on so many occasions that they fail to build true relationships. On the other hand, some reveal their two-sided characteristics by building two totally different types of relationships in their lives: people who they really click with vs. people who they need in order to climb the social ladder. They seek reputation, money, and any other possible benefits. Honestly, these people are sick.

So to those who are living their lives building relationships based upon their own benefits instead of true relationships, I leave you with this:

            You live your daily life in stress. But let me take some time to profess that – to have you, this world is so pissed. The world may suppress, force you to falsely confess, be too obsessed about success, and whoever’s not in your gains, is simply dispossessed.

            But let me tell you something that y’all should know – this world is not a game of chess escrow. Even though we may live in a messed up show, you always have opportunities to let go. The power of relationships is an immense probability of perpetual possibilities. You are capable of overcoming your disabilities and liable for many greater responsibilities.

            So let me tell you something that you already know, but something you forgot a long time ago. You can make a difference on your own – stop ignoring it and use some brilliance. What happened to your perseverance? Show me some resistance and prove that you’re stronger without any assistance. Society’s arrogance, negligence, and vengeance are all artificial evidences to falsely show your nonexistent incompetence. Your influence is more than just your existence. Your outer appearance is not your true essence because what truly matters about you is your inside substance – and that’s what proves your real eminence.

            So stop your false relationships and pick yourself up from this false life of misery. End all the low-worth little life wars and continue to fight for what you stand for.

Because trust me – you are more than what I write for.


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