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2011. 2. 24. 19:38 CAL/Events/행사

We are having our 3rd General Meeting this FRIDAY!

02/25 Friday
7:00pm - 9:00pm & DP
20 Barrows

For hakseup, we will talk about foreigners working in Korea today.  Originally, these foreigners came to Korea to earn money and improve their own living conditions.  There was an opposition from the Korean population against foreigners coming to Korea illegally.  However, nowadays, more foreign workers are needed in Korea.  Due to an increasing number of people who prefer to work at major companies, there has been a lack of workers at smaller companies and other jobs that don't require higher education.  Therefore, the foreigners have filled in those spaces, benefiting both Korea and the foreign workers.  This has caused many social problems such as illegal immigration and assaulting of the workers.  It is important to pay attention to them because the number of foreigners in Korea has been growing drastically and they are becoming a vital part of Korean society. 

For DP, we are going to 노래방 and also having 술자리 :)

02/25 Friday 9pm

Houses provided by: Chungwon Lee, John Hong

Only 노래방: Members $8, Non-Members $10
Only 술: Members: $5, Non-members: $7
노래방+술: Members $10, Non-Members $13
As you might have seen on our Facebook event, we will be selling Korean drinks and snacks as a fundraiser!

Please come to upper sproul on next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday (3/1-3/3) from 10:30am to 2pm and support CKS :)

Thank you guys and I hope to see you at 7PM SHARP! Please don't be late~

P.S. We are still collecting membership fees (Returning members: $10, New members: $20)

Josie Park
Public Relations
Committee for Korea Studies

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