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Your Spring Break Playlist

Your Spring Break Playlist | English Columnist Sooji Yang

After a long, tiring semester, you can’t wait for spring break that’s just right around the corner. A temporary respite, but a necessary one. Maybe you have plans to travel, or maybe you plan on going home or staying at school. Regardless, wherever you go for spring break, whoever you meet, and whatever you do, let the music be your guide.

Music is a memento of your experiences. Three, four minute snippets of the world you experience around you are encapsulated in the songs that pinpoint exactly what you’re feeling. Perhaps you inadvertently place meaning into the music you’re hearing, or perhaps the music elevates seemingly insignificant moments into fond memories. Through music, you can feel the smooth glass on your left cheek as you lean against the train window, watching the green hills pass by, the cold beer running down your throat as you sit under the sun, the salty breeze as you admire the infinite fantasy of the ocean, the wind in your hair as you bike down a path lined with cherry blossom trees, and the warm fuzzies from the seductive mixture of alcohol, the moonlight, and the exchanged glances with that one stranger that one night.

Music is a universal human language that exists in order for us to feel and understand all types of emotions. Different physical landscapes and cultural backgrounds may impact how people process and understand their emotions, which is beautifully manifested through music. Sounds associated with a place, an idea, a lover, or even just a vague feeling introduce you to unique worlds perceived by others. With open ears and working earphones, you can immerse yourself in the experiences of others and allow these experiences guide you to understand yours.

This carefully curated playlist of spring break beats encompasses a diverse array of music from people from all around the globe. So, let yourself feel, travel, and live through music! The bass is your heartbeat, the melody your imagination, and the rhythm your reality.

Mood: Spring is for us

You walk along the sidewalk with a silly grin on your face and a light bounce to your step. The sun is shining beautifully today, the air is especially fresh, and were flowers always this colorful? You see lovers on the other side of the street walking hand-in-hand, and with an even bigger and sillier grin, you think about your person. Spring is here and spring is for us.

  • Rex Orange County, Benny Sings, “Loving is Easy” (UK)

  • Bye Bye Bad Man, “Always in Love” (KOR)

  • Caloncho, “Pasa El Tiempo” (MEX)

  • Nino Ferrer, “Le sud” (FRA)

  • Parcels, “Herefore (Roisto Remix)” (AUS)

  • Los Amigos Invisibles, “Esperame ft. Elastic Bond” (VE)

Mood: Single by choice…

The weather is warming up and you are ready to make some memories with your close and most importantly, single friends. You are ready to be spontaneous and stupid, and you revel in the idea of endless opportunities and experiences that await the single you. When you’re with your friends, you’re not really single, right?

  • SunWoo Jung-A, “Springirls” (KOR)

  • Ykiki Beat, “Forever” (JAP)

  • CNCO, “Hey DJ” (MEX)

  • Odesza, “All We Need ft. Shy Girls” (US)

  • Pat Lok, “Mar Vista” (CAN)

  • Masego, “Girls That Dance”  (US)

Mood: Let’s drink beer and chill

You kick back and relax, drinking a beer with an exotic name but it’s a little too bitter for your taste. With your friends, you talk about your tough semester, the cute local you spotted earlier today, the best meal you’ve had on this trip, and your fear of time running out. Are you doing the whole “being young” thing right? Life’s discouraging future is making you adult faster than you feel prepared for. Your friends cut you off and tell you to shut up and finish your beer. They say let’s just think about tomorrow.

  • Aaron Childs, “Tangerine (Channel Tres Remix)” (US)

  • Jr Jarris, “Love Be Like ft. Masego” (US)

  • Sango, “Na Hora (ft. Fatkiss & Chris MC Clenney)” (US)

  • Paloalto, “Escape” (KOR)

  • GroovyRoom, “YNF ft. nafla, Verbal Jint” (KOR)

  • AM444, “Lies (Jay Soul Truth Remix)” (CHIN)

Mood: Did you say rooftop party?

You are a sucker for rooftops, stringlights, and good tunes. The open night air with the gorgeous view, you just can’t get enough. You head to the bar and contemplate between a tropical cocktail and a Corona with lime...perhaps a tequila shot? You hear the funk and disco stirring the crowd so you take your shot with the salt and lime, and follow the call of the disco ball.

  • TEK.LUN, “Aburoy” (US)

  • Peggy Gou, “It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)” (KOR)

  • Sister Nancy, “Bam Bam (TWOGOOD Remix)” (JAM)

  • Night Tempo, “Universe” (JAP)

  • SUMIN, “Brown ft. Hoody (dani Remix)” (KOR)

  • Beat le Juice, “Funk Magic” (PL)

Mood: Meet. Me. At. Da. Club.

Your groovy nighttime number is playing and you feel a bit flushed from the drinks earlier. How many was that again? And who is that again? Nothing matters because everyone around you seems to fuel your mood and feel your vibe. You dance in a blur and you give yourself to the beat. The dance floor is yours, the night is yours!

  • yaeji, “Last Breath” (US)

  • The PLAN8, “Want” (KOR)

  • Lakim, “Crazy” (US)

  • Schade, “What You Call It” (US)

  • TYPE3 VIP, “Initiator ft. Mina” (US)

  • Malaa, “Summer 99” (FRA)

Mood: Let’s talk under the stars

You lie on your back, looking up at the stars but feel too old to count them. You steal glances at your person every time a laugh is shared. The moonlight is intoxicating and the night is chilly, but you feel warm and cozy. What is this person thinking? You want to know but tonight, you are content with this hazy unknown.

  • Yellow Fang, “Blanket” (THAI)

  • Pepite, “La vie douce” (FRA)

  • The fin., “Silver From Over the River” (JAP)

  • Car, The Garden, “너의그늘 Lean On You” (KOR)

  • Sango, “Sweet Holy Honey” (US)

  • Dre’es, “Warm ft. Mia” (US)

Image Source: Pinterest

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