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The Grand Finale of Youth

by 한젠쓰

The grand finale of youth. We’ve been waiting for youth to end our whole life – to reach a double-digit age, to become a “teenager”, then to enter high school, college, then that faithful 21st birthday when all of our hopes and expectations of adulthood seem to be fulfilled. Now approaching the lattermost stage of this theoretical “adulthood” in my life, I have often observed the people around me, trying to decide who had actually reached this grand finale of youth, perhaps synonymous with the word maturity. And frankly, I find it fairly difficult to determine. A finale exists only to eventually end. Contrary to this consideration, youthfulness is a state not bound by years lived. It does not end, really, at a certain point in time as we like to think. It’s a state of growth, development, vigor, freshness, vitality. It is almost more accurate to say that this grand finale of youth does not even exist. I would like to insist or assert that youth is something that can be retained or even regained, so do not let your finale of youth come at you before your childhood ever really began.


Grand Finale
by dongseokkoh

Joe Hisaishi’s right arm comes to a hold and with that, the harmonious melodies of the Merry-Go-Round of Life also arrive at an end. At the tip of his baton, the members of the ensemble put down their instruments and rise to receive a standing ovation. And hence fall the curtains.

It’s easy to conceive a finale as an ending- simple as that. But where and when the finale happens are all up to you. Many may seek the conclusion to things that overload them with hardships, and sometimes put them to an early end by giving up. However, people spend their lives fighting these temptations of letting go and clench their teeth, wrestling against adversity to eventually reach a finale that they are proud of- one that others recognize and clap for.

Consider the example of Nick Vujicic. Born without limbs, Vujicic had a turbulent childhood; bullied and mistreated by other children, he even contemplated suicide at the age of eight. However, Vujicic started to build up confidence and, realizing his great communicating abilities, diligently worked to become the great influential speaker he is today. Serving as a great impetus in spreading the message of motivation around the globe, Vujicic encourages all, even the most reserved and reticent. Numerous times could Vujicic have drawn early conclusions to his journey; nevertheless, with unremitting endeavors against his misfortunes, Vujicic now leans closer to a grand-finale.

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”- Frank Herbert

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