#3-1 "Eyes"

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Perceiving the Path

by dongseokkoh

On he goes,

Shielding his inner qualms,

Trotting through the faces

Of others who walked the path.

Pictures of mothers,

Letters to fathers,

And kisses from loved ones

Shredded and spread on this very path.

Half slain bodies wriggling around,

Muttering words that oh so stutter.

Oh it must be,

The wrath of Ares

And the feast of Hades.

Or else, how could this be?

Lugubrious melodies,

Played by lavenders with a hint of malaise.

Tempting whispers,

"Flee, you are but one."

And no more is he the valiant;

No longer tall and proud.

Engrossed with fear,

Dreading the wanton bullets

Skimming nearer and nearer by.

Half slain bodies wriggling around,

Calling him near,

"Come, be one of us."

His pale face grows paler,

Breath slightly faster,

And trembling eyes darker

Than the darkest of the skies.

And in the fields of red and gray,

There he stood fallen to prey.

Fragile as a nutcracker,

Borne with no teeth,

Pulling the trigger

To put an end to all ends.

But here comes another,

Walking the very same path,

Again to fall victim

To the devouring within.


by 豚神


What drops from your eyes? 

Some say that they are a physiological phenomenon.

Others say that they are jewels that God has given to humans.

I do not know. All I know is that they are called “tears”. 


But the thing is,            

Tears come out when you are sad,

Tears come out when you are in pain, 

Tears come out when you are angry.



Remember the collective tears at funerals that lessened the sadness,   

Remember the joyful tears from your mom, after enduring the pain of birth giving, 

Remember the frustrated tears that softened your angry boyfriend.


Above all, 

Remember the tears you dropped when you were in love. 

And remember the tears you dropped when you broke up. 

Later on in your life, you will habitually love another

And sometimes break up with another, as you have been living so far,

Only hoping that the tears of the past and the love from the past

Do not become an embarrassment of today…


Yes, tears are indeed magical. That is why her tears tear my heart.

Blinding Addiction

by 豚神


The craving is not what you see but a mere imagination.

The end is always more difficult than the start.

That is why I should not have started…

Inevitably, I strip you, set you on the fire I am a magician.


Without you, my hand shakes, no stabilization.

And toward death, this is a hasty trot.

My lips roam around your head, breast, waist.

These various flavors will make you worthy of canonization.


Oh, God, please get me out of this painful obsession.

You, femme fatal, have blinded my eyes and given me a hot sweat.

Careful penetration with my lip, I feel a celestial fun.

A cool conquest! You unstoppable chain of craving.

Oh, your beautiful name is menthol cigarette.


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