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Finale, according to the third entry of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), means “the conclusion, end”. It’s dead week, finals are approaching, which means the semester is coming to an end. Now, I’m not a freshman, and this semester was definitely not my first; I didn’t get lost in Dwinelle, get bombarded with flyers on Sproul, share restrooms with guys, or get in trouble for drinking in the dorms (wink wink). Nevertheless, it was my first as an upperclassman- my first to really encounter the overwhelming realization that half of my undergraduate career was over; to feel the pressure to grab all research and internship opportunities; to feel time fleeting by as if my time was relatively faster compared to that of others. As the grand-finale of this chapter of my life, graduation, approaches, time seems to be going faster and faster. However, especially at this moment in time, there is a need to step back, relax, and take things slowly. I still have more than a year left at Cal, still have half of my undergraduate career left. So many things can happen in a semester, let alone a year, or two. We always look ahead to the future, the end, the finale, failing to realize that NOW is the best time. Carpe diem.

(And so now make the most of your time and go study!)



Finale 2008

by Daniel M

There are many types of finales. Our careers, childhood, etc. Among them, the Champions League finale is special to me as a soccer fan. The Champions League is the European soccer competition in which top teams from the best leagues participate. In the battle of stars, the winner gets prizes and an honorable title: the best team in Europe.


Every year’s final is just fascinating, like a dramatic movie that enthralls the audience. The best final for me, however, was the 2008 Manchester United vs Chelsea game, not only because I am a ManU fan, but also because the game was full of excitement. It was a rainy, chilly day in Moscow. With tens of thousands of crowds cheering, players entered the fresh, green pitch while the theme song was playing. It was the perfect combination to make me getgoosebumps. Ronaldo’s header and Lampard’s equalizer in the first half made the game 1-1 until the end. The real game began in the penalty shoot-out. My hands were sweaty and shaky, as if I were the twelfth player of ManU. Both teams successfully scored two points. In the third kick, Ronaldo missed, while Chelsea scored continuously without any mistake. 4-4. It was Chelsea’s fifth kick, and its captain, John Terry, confidently placed a ball and walked back. Terry was probably thinking about his ceremony after scoring the last shot of the game. Yet it wasn’t the last shot. He unfortunately slipped, kicking the ball up in the sky. He covered his eyes, feeling ashamed and guilty. Eventually, ManU won after Chelsea’s Anelka missed his shot. Ronaldo, ManU’s star player, lay on the ground, crying with relief, and John Terry also did the same, but with lament. It was definitely the greatest, most dramatic finale ever for me.

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