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Time = Exponential Curve

by 한젠쓰

Have you noticed how time seems to be accelerating? In mathematics, this acceleration is called an “exponential curve”. As we grow older and older, hours, days, years appear to fly by faster than ever before. An hour no longer feels like 60 minutes, and one week seems to run into the next. It’s as if we’re on this train that departs upon our birth – one that gradually powers to its maximum capacity, speeding up increasingly with time. We watch our lives pass by as we watch the blur of a speeding train pass by. This train, although made out of steel and thus of great strength, inevitably rusts with old age. It then slows down out of necessity. Life is just like that. Time moves very slowly when we are children and gradually speeds up as we grow older. We are very well conscious of it – remarking on how New Year’s seems to come around quicker every year. From a strictly personal perspective, this exponential element of time seems to be due to our tendency to think that past events have happened more recently than they actually have. Either that or it may be the fact that as we grow older and older, we fill time more tightly – fill it with more of everything in the same span of existence. 

One, Two, Three

by Daniel M

One, two, three. You just spent three seconds to read this. Time doesn't wait for you.

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