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Summertime Madness by 돈신

It was March 8th when I had to move the hour hand on my watch from 2AM  to 3AM. Darn it, I just lost one hour. I did not understand how daylight savings made our daily routines more effective, like the government said. A little frustrated due to my 6PM essay deadline, I felt uncomfortable about this one hour loss. The next day, when I went to school, I realized something was different. Usually when I got out of class at 6 o'clock, it was usually dark and gloomy. However, on that day, it was bright and refreshing. And then I realized that the current 6 o'clock is the 5 o'clock of the past. And later in the winter, the current 6 o'clock will be the future 5 o'clock. This discovery of the fact that time is relative made me fuzzy.


My Time
by 릴리찡

"At what age do you want to get married?" is the kind of question my friends and I discuss nowadays. We are already at an age at which we are considering our future partners… or are we? We didn’t talk about this when I first came to college, so why are we talking about it now? This is because we are running on a social clock. We all have biological clocks that regulate when we sleep and wake, but we have social clocks as well. Psychologist Bernice Neugarten theorized that our behavior is often influenced by our social clock, which is determined by the culture we live in. We use this social clock to determine whether we are “on-time” or “off-time”. When we feel that time is “running out,” this is largely because our society has set standard times of when we should be doing certain things, like completing our education, getting a job, getting married, and having children. We worry about whether we are in the same place as others our age, whether we are hitting major life transitions at the right time. Do you feel that you are “on-time” or “off-time”? Are you worried that you are falling behind your peers? Don’t be; life is full of unexpected events that may put us “off-time”- why not just adjust your social clocks to your own life?

Sources: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/transitions-through-life/201111/happiness-relates-whether-you-are-time-time-out-time


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    • 2015.04.08 13:43
    "Life is full of unexpected events that may put us “off-time”- why not just adjust your social clocks to your own life?" This is such a sweet message and I totally agree with it! However, like many people do, I don't even give myself time to think about the pace at I'm living my life. I wish I can give myself a break to adjust my social clock.