#2. 10 Reasons to Justify Not Going to The Library

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2016. 2. 24. 12:27 OFFICIAL PRESS/BerkOp's Declassified College Survival Guide

UC Berkeley has a marvelous campus decorated by buildings both modern and traditional, sprinkled with vibrant liberalism. Though most buildings on campus are a “must-visit” before graduation, there are some places that you must never set foot on… libraries.


1.       You won’t get any studying done. Who actually gets work done in the library anyway? You take hours to find a seat, unpack and doze off while doing so, get distracted by the guy sitting next to you, and before you know it, you’re on Facebook! As mentioned, you’re bound to spend most of your time on your laptop or phone scrolling through the newsfeed and will end up stalking the guy or girl you met last week at a party. Be a creep only at home… please.


2.       You’re in Cal(i), enjoy the weather. You just bought a new pair of Ray-Bans - go out and show the world.


3.       Cafes > Library. I mean, there are plenty of cafes to explore in Berkeley (wait for #3 of the series!!)- go try them out one by one, rather than going to the same dull book prison.


4.      On Fridays and Saturdays, even the library closes at 10PM. The school wants you to go have fun! So don’t bother the staff kicking you out at closing– in fact, just don’t worry about bothering them by not going at all!


5.       You can’t eat. Who knows? You might still be in your growth spurt, but once you open a can of coke and start munching on your burrito, the whole library will be gazing at you.


6.       Books aren’t meant to be carried; they are meant to be on your desk in your room (if you do ever look at them). Don’t hurt your back.


7.       Opportunity cost. Assuming that going to the library takes, on average, 15 minutes, and considering that the minimum hourly wage in SF is $12.25, the opportunity cost for you going there and back is $6.2. Don’t waste your precious time and just order a california roll from Postmates.


8.       All the moments you remember from college WON’T be from the library…unless you do something incredibly embarrassing- what that is, I will leave up to your imagination.


9.       Insanitary- no one really cleans the desks that everyone uses; that one guy you talked shit on about never taking showers? Yeah he sat on your exact seat yesterday.


10.   “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson. Be you. You hate the library. Go against the norm.

P.S. Some of you go just for the naked run...don’t…it smells real bad.

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