#5. 10 Types of Girls NOT to Date

Posted by Jin Kang
2016. 3. 17. 17:51 OFFICIAL PRESS/BerkOp's Declassified College Survival Guide

10 Types of Girls NOT to Date

Finding the right type of girl is hard. Every relationship is unique and each relationship has its own difficult challenges to overcome. Because we are often ruled by our emotions and make irrational decisions, no matter how much we try to avoid these types of girls, we still end up dating one. Of course, no human being can be perfect, so it would be impossible to find an absolute ideal. But it would still be wise to avoid these types of girls if you want to avoid a train wreck of a relationship.

1) The Secretive

This is the type of girl who doesn’t share her secrets with you. You have no idea what she does during the span of time you’re not by her side, and she doesn’t want to tell you anything. Of course, it is within her rights to not have to tell you everything, but a girl keeping secrets can eventually lead to a higher level of deception and give you feelings of betrayal. Once trust is lost, it cannot be regained back easily.

2) The Overly Critical

She constantly sucks the energy out of you, criticizing you for every action or decision you make. She never makes you feel appreciated and makes you question your self-worth. She doesn’t see the good in you with a constant condescending vibe.

3) The Disrespectful

This is a given. No matter how pretty she is or how well she treats you, if she does not have the basic courtesy for others in general, you shouldn’t consider dating her. She may treat you well at first, but after some time, she will definitely show her grotesque face making you regret ever dating her.

4) The “Too Busy”

This type of girl tends to frustrate guys to no end. She hardly replies to your texts or calls. It may be that she is busy from school or work, but she should at least have the decency to reply to a text - it takes less than 10 seconds to reply to a text. If she is truly busy, she should definitely let you know ahead of time instead of keeping you waiting.

5) The Overly Flirtatious

This type of girl can seduce you easily with her captivating eyes and charming words. However, she acts the same way with a lot of other guys - the way she acts around your friends in flirtatious ways will show that you’re just one of the many guys that she plays around with.

6) The Drama Queen

This girl brings around drama wherever she goes. Whether it be with her parents, her friends, hairdresser or whoever else, she tends to overreact in too many situations. The problem with this kind of girl is that she always believes everyone else is at fault. She doesn’t take responsibility of her own life and enjoys shifting the blame to others. If you date this kind of girl, it is imminent that this blame game will become a part of your life as well.

7) The Confused and Confusing

This is the kind of girl who will leave you constantly confused about the relationship. She has no clue what she wants from you - one moment she is head over heels for you, and the next she wants to take a step back. You will all too often question whether or not she actually likes.

8) The Princess

This is the kind of girl who expects you to do all the work while she lays back and takes all the rewards. She honestly believes that the relationship should be revolving around her, and if something doesn’t go her way, she will complain and whine until she gets what she desires. Your relationship will become extremely draining because you will be the only one pouring into her and into the relationship. You need to find someone who is willing to devote to you as much as you devote to her.  A princess-like girl will only be overly demanding with no thoughts of giving anything back.

9) The Gold Digger

This kind of girl “digs” you for your job, money, car, and basically any other kind of material wealth. She will take as much as she can from you but won’t give much in return. Because this kind of girl is looking for financial security more than a deep, meaningful relationship, she will most likely leave you after sucking out your wealth like a mosquito.

10) The Overly Attached

This is the type of girl who constantly asks what you are doing and wants to be involved in every aspect of your life. She won’t let you ever be alone. She calls you every hour to check up on where you are and constantly texts wanting immediate replies. She doesn’t let you have your personal space or privacy, and basically your entire life will be deprived of everything except for a clingy girlfriend.

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