#4. 10 Types of Guys NOT to Date

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2016. 3. 10. 20:27 OFFICIAL PRESS/BerkOp's Declassified College Survival Guide

Dating can be hard – with each relationship following its own unique set of challenges. The biggest challenge may well be finding the right person to invite into our lives – easier said than done because it takes considerable time to get to know a person and realization hits us too late too often. Other times, we know what’s good for us but our emotions are uncontrollable, leading us astray. No matter how hard we try to avoid these types of guys, we still end up falling for one, or a few, of them. No guy can be the absolute ideal we girls imagine for ourselves and sometimes with enough love and affection, it ends up being alright… but it’s never too wise to keep these types of guys to avoid in mind.


1.     The Liar: With guys who lie – whether it be a white lie or simply not telling the truth – the girl will start mentally questioning everything. In a relationship, they say trust is like a mirror. Once it’s broken, you might get hurt trying to piece it back together, and even when you do force it back into one piece… you can never look at it the same way again. When trust goes, the relationship goes with it.


2.     The Hider: Guys are obviously not obligated to reveal their whereabouts at all times, but the ones who suddenly disappear have something to hide – especially if you can’t get ahold of him whenever he goes out for drinks. When a guy hides his phone from you, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions but you shouldn’t just think nothing of it either.


3.     The Talker: Guys who talk about their ex-girlfriends show no respect for their current girlfriends, and talking bad about them is even worse – who’s to say he won’t do the same about you? Guys who habitually talk about the details of their relationships – including love and sex life – to his guy friends should be avoided.


4.     The Player: Guys who move on from one girl to the next really easily emotionally or in terms of relationships… might well move on from you easily too. Players often have a lot of experience and charm, making it hard for you not to fall for him. If a guy approaches you too abruptly, you should take a step back and make a conscious effort to keep his loving facial expressions and self-assured gestures from clouding your thoughts.


5.     The Breaker: If a guy constantly fails to follow through on his promises – whether they be promises of time or of plans – he is eventually going to break your heart as well. You should especially avoid the ones breaking promises with you for others (guy friends for instance). With time, he may stop returning your calls, only coming to see you on his terms and making excuses for his bad behaviors – expecting you to keep your promises when he doesn’t keep his. Guys who don’t make any promises at all should too be avoided – he will make you wait.

6.     The Violent: Violence is a quality in a guy that must absolutely be avoided. Besides violence, guys who lack the ability to control their other feelings - those emotionally unstable in general - should be avoided. Recognize signs of bipolarity early on - manic and depressive episodes of the guy will cause you to undergo the same kind of emotional instability. 


7.     The Narcissist: Narcissism is defined by “excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance” – but not just in terms of physicality in this context; Guys who are extremely selfish and self-centered with a constant craving for admiration should be avoided. They’re easy to fall for – often well-dressed, confident, and funny – making strong positive first impressions. Don’t be seduced by them.  


8.     The Stingy: The way a guy uses money may not offer clues about his deep-down beliefs and morals, but it does so about his personality and outlooks on life. Guys who are excessively reluctant to spend money on their girlfriends may be indicative of their lack of affection.


9.     The Desperate: When a guy is desperate for a “girl”, it means any girl. You’re not special to him, and dating such a guy may make you feel like you yourself is not special. Desperate guys are usually clingy emotionally and physically – expecting rapid advances in both love and sex life. Even after having started a relationship, you might tire of him fast – a natural human behavior, the things that we believe to be less abundant get less attention.

10.  The Ill-mannered: Guys who don’t show respect for others, especially for elders or children should be avoided – no matter how good he is to you. Ill-mannered guys have bad manners and habits that surface subconsciously. They don't behave well in social situations. Guys who come out on dates physically dirty or carelessly dressed lack manner too.

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