Anonymous Selections: Drunken Nights

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2016. 4. 19. 20:44 OFFICIAL PRESS/Anonymous Connections

It is hard to imagine college life without drinking and partying (or is it just me?). From those nights you found out new things about yourself (even though you didn't want to), to those nights that you just don't remember at all, a lot of the memories we have from college are related to drinking. As they say, "No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep." Here is a selection of stories from our fellow college students about their wildest nights:

1. I was wearing my favorite knuckle rings while drinking with my friends. Tipsy, I started waving my arms in large motions to express my happiness. Then I noticed one of my rings fly to the table beside us in slow motion. I tried to grab the ring, but the customers of the other table stopped me because they thought I was trying to get their fries. I tried reaching again and again, and tried to explain what happened, but I sounded too drunk. My friend tied my arms with her jacket and ordered a portion of fries because she thought I wanted more food. I forgot about my ring and enjoyed the fries. Fries>Rings :)

2. My friend was taking me home after some heavy drinking. We were on the subway platform waiting for the train to come when I suddenly decided to show my friend something I've been doing recently. Bragging, I said, "Wanna see something cool?" and went to the middle of the platform. I then started doing squats, and everyone watched me as I struggled to go up and down :3

3. My friends and I were on spring break, and we had drunken a little too much whiskey. I remember getting to the hotel, but I don't remember anything that happened after. When I woke up, I was not on my bed, but on my friend's bed. She and my other friends told me that I had been sleeping soundly on my own bed until suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night and came to her bed, moving her to the side and gripping onto the bed in order to not fall off, insisting that I sleep next to her. Then apparently I proceeded to take my friend's arm and put it around my neck, and the other around my waist. My friends all told me to go get a boyfriend. Sorry guys.....

4. My freshman year, I decided to test my limits. I was in a safe space so everything was fine until I had one too many shots. I was in the bathroom waiting to throw up when I had the great idea to fb message my crush, "ur hot." Keep in mind that I haven't spoken to him in over a year. Anyways he ignored me and deleted me as a friend the next day and I was left with a broken heart and a hangover.. LOL

5. Once my friend got so drunk she started talking to the soju bottle cap. She even fed it some rice. It was amusing.

6. It was New Year's Eve, and I was at a lounge club with my friends. We met a bunch of people and drank a little more than planned. I went home with my friend in a taxi, but the next thing I know, I am getting off the elevator on the lobby with no shoes, no keys, and no cell phone. At first I thought I got robbed, so I went to the parking lot to look for my stuff. Obviously I failed, and I came back to the lobby. I ended up sleeping on the sofa there. So much for a fresh new beginning. 

7. It was my first time going out to drink with the members of a new club that I joined, so I was pretty excited. I didn't keep track of how much I was drinking, and ended up blacking out. When I was conscious again, I was walking in the middle of the streets of Oakland at 1 AM. My phone, cap, and shoes were all gone. I was drunk and scared (or scared and drunk), but I couldn't do anything and I didn't know where I was so I just kept walking until a policeman called out to me. I didn't know what he was saying but he gave me over to a towing car driver, and I ended up going home in a towing car. At least I didn't get kidnapped in Oakland, right?

8. My freshman year, it was dead week and my roommate and I had a final paper due for an R&C class at 8 AM. We drank until 6 AM, wrote our papers from 6-7AM, and peer edited (yes, peer edit) each other's papers for 30 minutes. We then ran to copy central to print out the papers, and I was reading over my paper on the way. I read, "I don't give a shit about this essay." Okay, this isn't looking good... When I got to the conclusion: "Thank you for reading this shit." Sigh. My roommate and I just laughed, ripped our papers up, and reeking of alcohol, went to our professor and begged for an extension. Thank you, professor. You're the best!

9. All male Korean citizens have to go to the military for 21 months. My friend has to go to the military next year. He got so drunk that he cried about it. I'm sorry, dude.. Stay healthy!

10. I had just gotten out of a dance club when I saw a guy busking on the street. I was so drunk I went up and started dancing to the music. I want to deny it but my friends have pictures to prove it. Thanks, you guys are great.

Drinking too much is unhealthy, but drinking with friends is also one of the highlights of college life. So cheers to the nights we can't remember, with the friends we will never forget!

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