Anonymous Selections: Crazy Roommate Stories

Posted by christinejaylee
2016. 4. 26. 20:57 OFFICIAL PRESS/Anonymous Connections

I woke up and his head was leaning over mine. I swear he wasn't blinking. Just staring at me in my sleep. It was still dark but I left my room immediately and went to my friend's room. The next morning, I packed my bags and basically didn't live in my dorm the entire year.” One of my high school teachers told me this story from his time as an undergraduate at Cal, and I wondered how something like that could even happen to him. I never expected to have any troubles with my future roommates or housemates, and all I could feel at the time was excitement—I was excited to live with peers. I imagined an endless sleepover where friendships grew, communication was easy, and everyone was courteous of one another.

Until I actually came to college. There was an error on my housing application and it was too late to live with my friends. I eventually scrambled to find myself an apartment and housemates, and neither worked out in my favor. In college we're forced to live with people we've never met before, and while many times it works out beautifully, I'm sure a lot of find ourselves wanting to move out as soon as possible. So here I present stories of unusual roommates and housemates, stories that you may help you hang in there, or stories that'll make you feel thankful for your current housemates

1. “When I lived in Bowles, I had four roommates. But one didn't show up so I had a room to myself. But of the other two, there was this guy names John* who was batshit crazy. My roommate didn't show up, I lived with my girlfriend at the time and we'd do stuff together. But when we went out into the living room where John* would sit all day playing games and if we talked normally or something he would be looking at his computer with headphones on or something yelling almost quietly to himself "shut up shut up shut up"

and then when he wasn't mad he'd try talking normally to us, which was really awkward

but he also went into school housing raffles for ipads and won two. So i guess that's cool”

2. “My roomie brought her bf every week thursday-sunday so it ruined my sleep and study schedule cause they would stay up late and sleep in late. She would leave the food out and it would make the apartment smell, they would be dirty, and not considerate of me and my other roommate cause when we get up in the morning the living room and kitchen is a mess”

3. “There were four of us. Two of them became best friends and would do coke and smoke weed and cigs INSIDE the house. Leave the cards and knives on my desk and get the powder all over the floor. Bring people over until 5 am play music and laugh and talk really loudly even when I told them I have a midterm the next day. And even though I kept asking, they wouldn't tell me in advance when they would bring friends over. And they would have sex on me or the other girl's bed when we weren't there...etc. It was horrible. And they would throw my stuff on the floor when I wasn't there for complaining about the noise on weekdays. Eventually the other girl started commuting from her home in SF and my friends ended up taking me in in their dorm”

4. “My roommate said 'is dating two girls something allowed in the states'

then once dyed his hair orange

and then shaved his whole hair like 3 days later”

5. “My roommate never left the room cuz she was always taking naps or skyping her bf. So the curtains were always drawn and super dark in the room”

6. “It wasn't that annoying cause i didnt really mind until his clothes were everywhere on the ground

it started as a pile next to his bed and then it slowly creeped on my side of the room and i was somewhat annoyed

there were a few times where i was sexiled and even sometimes when he asked me to get out because he wanted to be alone with a girl

When I first got to know him through fb he seemed chill and he is don't get me wrong

and then we decided on each other and after we requested each other he said "oh btw im bi" which obviously like isn't much of a problem to me however, it was kinda like a what the fk moment because i feel like he should have told me in advance”

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