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Humans of BERKOP

-English Editorial-

Jenny Han [Head of English Editorial]

1994.9.17   Microbial Biology

My motto??

"Work hard Play hard (but the other way around)"

Q Park [English Columnist]

1994.3.31  EECS

What is EECS to me??

"Something that ironically triggers me to take a shower."

Jinwan Cho [English Columnist]

1997.11.2   Chemical Engineering

What is a long distance relationship to me??

"Knowing there’s somebody on the other side of the continent who will always be by side."

Jane Seung [English Columnist]

1994.9.12   Statistics

What is Christmas to me??

"A day I look forward to 364 days of the year."

Tim Kim [English Columnist]

1995.9.12   Sociology

What is my favorite thing about writing??

"I love how writing forces me to organize and clarify all my messy thoughts. It's similar to that good feeling you get after cleaning your room. I also treasure its ability to start conversations that might otherwise not take place."

Christine Lee [English Columnist]

1995.7.13  English & Media Studies

What is English literature to me??

"5-10 page essays, 3 hours before deadline, the morning it's due"

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