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Humans of BerkOp : English Column

휴먼즈 오브 버콥: 영어 칼럼

Words From Editor:

김제넷 | Janet Kim [영어 편집장]

"Being a part of BerkOp for the past three semesters has reconnected me with my love for language and writing. Thank you to all of the members for contributing what they did and making Berkeley Opinion so much more than just a club. I know the members will continue to touch hearts with their writing and messages. 버콥은 사랑입니다!"


The Life Lotto


이예린 | Sydney Lee

150 Deaths

양수지 | Sooji Yang [영어 칼럼니스트]

Mi Casa Es Su Casa: Little Seoul in CDMX

이민주 | Michelle Lee [영어 칼럼니스트]

In Memory of A Fallen Star

김정은 | Shelby Kim [영어 칼럼니스트]

Korean Family Dynamics

심현지 | Hyeonji Shim [영어 칼럼니스트]

Confucius' Posion

이재승 | Kevin Lee [영어 칼럼니스트]

More Than A Game

이지인 | Erin Lee [영어 칼럼니스트]

Blood Types: How Real Are They?

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