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One of the many perks of being a student at UC Berkeley is its exceptional location. In addition to the college town of Berkeley, with just a BART ride to the city more events and activities become accessible to us students. These activities range from spending a relaxing day at Golden Gate Park to visiting the SF MOMA on a free first Tuesday. However, one of my favorite things about the city is its phenomenal music scene. Literally, there is constantly a show or a concert of some sort happening on a daily basis. San Francisco is particularly special in that it attracts not only big and local artists, but also rising stars from all over the world making for a much more diverse and captivating scene. One specific artist that has recently caught my attention as well as many others is Tom Odell. (image: left) (image: right)

22-year-old British singer-songwriter Odell has been gradually catching the attention of many individuals on a global scale. I personally believe that his music is unique and sparks vast interest amongst people because of the semi-insane nature that can be found within his performances and music. Odell even claims that he’s “not overly emotional as a person but [his] music is where everything comes out” (Cosyns, The Sun). His climb to becoming an artist cannot be characterized as one that is out of pure luck, but rather one that is a culmination of years of immense determination and effort. Odell began writing his own melodies and songs at the age of 13 and he hasn’t stopped since then (Cosyns, The Sun). Odell also says, “most of [his] songs don’t happen all at once, a lot are quite slow processes […] [he’ll] start with just a melody or a lyric, then add to it” (Cosyns, The Sun).

Odell is not an artist who gained attraction from the get go. Rather he began with very small gigs. And it was during any ordinary gig of about twenty people where he was struck with a bit of luck. It was at a gig at the Queen of Hoxton, and a friend of singer Lily Allen (now known as Lily Rose Cooper) was there. The friend, impressed by Odell’s talent, introduced Odell to Allen and as one thing led to another he was signed to Allen’s record label (Selby, Glamour).

Odell’s songs are based primarily on his personal experiences, particularly on his past relationships. However, despite most of his songs being love songs, they are characterized as being extremely “energetic and insightful” (Clark, The Independent). Furthermore, Odell renders his emotions very well to his audience when he performs as he tells his stories with sincerity.

In addition, Odell has recently been revealed as the winner of this year’s prestigious Critics’ Choice Award (BRIT AWARDS 2013). This award is a great achievement in so many levels. One noteworthy aspect to this achievement is that Odell is the first male winner for this award. In past years this award had been given to the following artists: Emeli Sandé (2012), Jessie J (2011), Ellie Goulding (2010), Florence and the Machine (2009) and Adele (2008) (BRIT AWARDS 2013). Just based on this list of artists who had been awarded the Critics’ Choice Award, I think it is safe to say that a bright future is foreshadowed for artist Tom Odell.

With that being said, being in such a fortunate location, it turns out that we’re in luck! Odell is planning on making a visit to the city. He will be performing at the Café Du Nord on Wednesday May 8, 2013 (  I urge everyone to take this opportunity to take advantage of our location and join in on the music scene for it’s never too late! And just putting my two cents out there, Tom Odell is a great place to begin.

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