Find your cup of tea in LA

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Find your cup of tea in LA

By Nicole Kim

With Thanksgiving break coming right around the corner, a lot of you are probably planning your trips to Los Angeles. Many of you are undoubtedly searching through Yelp, trying to look for the hottest cafes for brunch with friends (I know I always do). From a coffee enthusiast and cafe lover who lived in the heart of LA my whole life, these are the cafes I live by. 

When speaking of “the greatest” coffee in town, it is almost impossible to forget Alfred Coffee. Yes, you have probably seen pictures of Kendall Jenner making her way out of their Melrose location on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media network. Alfred Coffee, located in the heart of Melrose Ave.,is a celebrity hot-spot that has expanded its horizons from Westwood Village to Beverly Hills, and now to Koreatown. As a big fan of Alfred’s since 2015, I can ensure that their Iced Vanilla Latte is simply the best. Not a fan of coffee? Alfred’s also has a wide selection for you to choose from, including cold-pressed juices, kombucha, and iced teas. And of course, they have their $10 lattes, their specialty. At their Melrose location, make sure to walk across the street and visit Alfred Tea, the most Instagrammable cafe with their baby pink theme that I’m sure you have seen before. If that doesn’t already sound appealing enough, they even have boba! 

If you’re looking for a cafe that can fulfill your Instagramming passion after a meal in Koreatown, Los Angeles, Bia Coffee is the place to go. Featured on Buzzfeed for their flower coffee and rose and lavender infused desserts, Bia Coffee is always bustling with people walking in and out. It is common to see people trying to rearrange their drinks and desserts in the perfect spot to capture the best pictures. The Bia Rose Lattes and Lavender Lattes are two of Bia’s specialty drinks. If you aren’t a fan of coffee, try alternatives such as their rose or lavender Italian sodas or sparkling ades. The owner hand-crafts her house-made flower syrups daily, making all drinks non-artificial and with the perfect level of sweetness. When paying your visit, make sure to try their rose and lavender cakes, which are topped off with house-made cream and dried flowers. 

The rising spot in Los Angeles would definitely be Bluestone Lane, an Australian coffee chain that has been opening stores nationwide. For those who prioritize healthy drinks over everything, their juice flights are an essential, and you would definitely be able to get a nice Instagram picture with the colorful drinks. The Aussie latte would be my absolute favorite, and will give you a taste of Australian coffee. Make sure to try their pastries and small bites as well, because their avocado toast is one of the best I’ve ever tried (And trust me, I’ve tried almost all the places that pride in their avocado toast)! The cute blue interior and the quiet ambiance just screams “LA” to you. Whether you’re planning to meet with family or just planned a last-minute visit with your friends, keep these cafes in mind and enjoy your trip! 

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