Rambling Tuesday with Milk and Life

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2020. 3. 3. 17:50 EDITORIAL/문예 :: Literature

Rambling Tuesday with Milk and Life

by: Red


Lac king

Lactose intolerant king

Very lactose intolerant


I am lacking

So I drink lactaid

To aid lacking

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The realization of not knowing what to write - being unable to write - is a pitiable realization of a rather inept and aimless slob.

It’s proof that life is bland and repetitive, in the making by none other than I. 

Writing tells a lot about a person. 

Especially, writing done on the spot following a stream of consciousness - unfiltered & unkempt.

My writing? Reveals a dunce.

Oozing confidence only with coffee.

As if confidence 

is actually coffee-dunce. 

Drink coffee now dunce.

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My enlistment date

August 10, 2020

Appeared on a big flashing screen of black on white.

Marked it with a big red X on my calendar.

Closed the calendar and shoved it into my bookshelf as if never to open it again.

As if both wishing for that day to never come and come quickly.

Feeling like a pig waiting to be slaughtered. 

With a tad bit of curiosity like I have about my professor’s sadistic test fetishes.

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Men have a secret thing for red. 

They just always keep it a secret. 

Born watching power rangers and pokemon - why else would Red always be the main protagonist?

Why else would women put on red lipstick, dresses, and sometimes more?

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The Living Keep On Living

The first was a friend.

Not one that I was especially close to, but one that I had owed a debt to. 

An artist and photographer, he was always the shy, quiet, and kind friend.

One that you could always easily approach, share a couple of words, and maybe ask for a favor.

For me, that favor was a series of graduation photos for my best friends and I, a debt I promised to pay back over a meal when we met back in the summer.

Or so I thought.

Cause of Death: Suicide by Jumping

The second was my grandfather. 

One that I was never close to, but wished all along to get closer to.

...With hesitation.

Cause of Death: Liver Failure

The third was my tennis coach and uncle - family.

One that taught me how to hit a ball straight forward, and with it, my life.

Each time the same thought pierces through my head.

The living keep on living. 

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